Your First Blog Post

Make Money With Your First Empower Network Blog Post

Get ready to write your first  Blog Post.

Once you get your Blog Post set up and your account you are ready to write your very first post.

Write your first  Blog Post with the intention on making money. It is easy to do and we will show you some tips.

You want to make sure your  Blog Post has all the right ingredients.

How To Create A Great First Blog Post

  • Pick a keyword or keyword phrase (This helps people find your post when they type that specific keyword into Google)
  • Add the keyword into your H1 tag, H2 tag and H3 tag at least once
  • Add your keyword in the first and last sentence of your post
  • Bold your keyword near the beginning of your post
  • Add your keyword in your image alt text
  • Add an internal link
  • Add your category
  • Add your tags
  • Add at least one image
  • Add a video (Optional)

That’s all there is too it. The key is to get your posts to rank on the search engines, so people will see it. You don’t have to be a genius to write a blog post. Add all the right ingrediants and you can be sure that your first  Blog Post could garner you gangster money.

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